A Song of Ice and Fire: Blood and Stone

A New Threat
The party discover the true threat the wildlings represent

Returning to Hammerstone to lick his wounds, Roland and Fendrel met with Rowan and Archibald to brief them on their discoveries. With the help of Maester Darrow, it wasn’t hard to connect the dots and identify the mysterious bandit woman who had so grievously wounded Fendrel. For the last few years, smallfolk had been fixated on the tale of “The Ghost of House Donniger”, a walking corpse leading bands of wildlings, bearing the arms of a dead house.

House Donniger itself was a small house in the Vale which had been crushed by bandits twenty years prior. The lady of the house was the only known survivor, and she fled to the Riverlands to remarry and start her life again. The axe the woman wielded was linked to the house too; their ancestral Valyrian steel axe, Siegebreaker.

Curious to chase up this lead, the party resolved to investigate the ruins of Fort Donniger, hoping to find some sort of clue. After waiting a week for Fendrel and Roland’s wounds to heal, the party headed out; five members of the Hammerguard, two of Roland’s personally trained guerillas, along with Roland, Fendrel, Maester Darrow and Titus Levi.

Fort Donniger is nestled deep in the mountain ranges of The Vale, and it took the better half of a week to make it to the ruins. The party didn’t find much of use, unfortunately; the ruins were picked clean of all valuables, and most of the architecture had burned to the ground besides.

Keeping watch overnight, Roland spotted figures moving in the distance around the fortress, but chose to dismiss the sight, assuming them to be simple hunters. Seemingly, he was right, as the morning came peacefully. Until it was discovered that both of Roland’s guerilla outriders had gone missing while scouting the trail back to Hammerstone.

Deciding that they’d cover more ground alone, Roland and Fendrel headed out to find the outriders themselves, and stumbled onto a bloody trail. Evidently, the outriders had been attacked by Black Ear clansmen, and forcibly marched up the mountain. Following along the perilous mountain trail, the two finally found their lost soldier, the other having died on the trail.

The problem was that the lost guerilla was imprisoned within a giant mountain clan camp, occupants easily numbering within the thousands. This kind of gathering of wildlings in the mountains was unprecedented, clearly a bad omen for the Vale.

Unshaken however, Roland and Fendrel were quick to make a spectacularly awful decision. They would sneak into the camp at night, free their captured comrade, and set a supply tent alight before fleeing. This plan went surprisingly well, until Fendrel’s attempt to silence a guard ended with a blood curdling scream which awoke half the camp. Frantic, the party fled, leaving the blazing supply tent behind them as the mountain clans awoke and gave chase.

Seeing that there was no chance of outrunning the clansmen in their own territory, Roland made another spectacularly awful decision. Telling Fendrel and the guerilla to press on, Roland turned around, attempting to set the forest surrounding the camp alight as a distraction.

The distraction worked perfectly, diverting most of the attention of the clansmen away from Fendrel, and right onto Roland. Even the master archer of the Vale couldn’t hope to dodge twenty battleaxes, and he soon suffered defeat, falling under the relentless axe blows. His fate remains unknown, for now.

New Discoveries
Alarming revelations regarding the mountain clans

Returning to Hammerstone, the party brough tnews of the roving mountain clans, and the newly planned wedding to young Lord Rowan. After settling back into Hammerstone and discussing everything with Rowan, Archibald made off to make a difficult proposition; convincing his older brother to host a House Dannett wedding in his own halls, halls which hadn’t opened to the public in any significant capacity for years. With some reluctance, Lord Cedric finally yielded, seeing that an alliance with House Dannett could help protect the future of his house.

Elsewhere, in the armoury, Brom Sadon revealed something concerning. After examining the weapons found on a mountain clan raiding party, he’d determined they were clearly well forged, military grade steel; far above what any mountain clan smith would be capable of. This alone wouldn’t be too alarming; weapons can be stolen, after all. But these weapons had no maker’s mark, indicating an intent to hide their point of origin. Archibald set out to investigate activity in the local forges, while Fendrel and Roland elected to tackle the problem with a more hands on approach, heading out to patrol the lands in search of more evidence.

It wasn’t long before the scouting party found more evidence of wildling attacks. The fort belonging to a recently landed knight, Ser Rivia, had been sacked by the mountain clans, all the guards slain and valuables looted. This was the first time the clansmen had hit a fortified location in decades, at least. Even more curiously, a crudely painted standard flew at the site of the attack, bearing the sigil of an unknown house.


Unshaken, Roland and Fendrel followed the trail of the bandits, eventually leading them to a small woodsman’s hut occupied by some remnants of the raiders. Easily cutting their way through the outside guides, they pressed their advance inside, meeting the leader of the group.


Her face painted to resemble corpseflesh, the woman charged, brandishing an impressive, Valyrian steel battleaxe. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Fendrel was met with a legitimate challenge, the woman’s martial prowess clearly a match for his own. But still, thanks to the help of Roland, she eventually succumbed, dropping her axe and yielding.

Ever the honourable pair, Fendrel and Roland refused to yield, and Roland advanced to deliver the killing blow. Shocked and appalled by the lack of honour from a supposed knight and his companion, the wildling drew her knife, driving it into Roland’s flesh before breaking to flee, leaving her weapon behind. Bloodied and beaten, she eventually made it to her horse, fleeing into the mountains.

Forging the Future
House Tallystan seeks to repair relations with House Dannett

The House Tallystan travelling party left King’s Landing the afternoon after the trial by combat, intent on leaving the events of the last week behind them. They were accompanied by Tygor Wyl, who’d agreed to escort Iris Dannett back to her homeland, with the intent of asking Lord Alfric Dannett for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Along the Kingsroad, Iris approached the two Tallystan nobles with a request. She was heading to her home bearing a letter from the King’s Hand, an official document clearing House Tallystan from any guilt in the murder of Adham Dannett. She proposed that the document be used as a means of pushing for peace between the houses, ending the decades old feud between Lord Alfric and Lord Cedric. Archibald agreed, and the group made for Castle Helmcrest.

The Dannett lands were in a horrible state, with many small hamlets and farms left completely abandoned. Castle Helmcrest itself looked to be on the verge of collapse, with the exterior walls reduced to rubble in multiple places. As soon as the party arrived near the castle, they were detained by House Dannett troops. Thanks to some swift talking on the part of Archibald, they avoided too much trouble, leaving their troops outside the gates and heading into the castle.

Inside, the castle was in a similar state of disrepair. The group didn’t have long to take in the scenery, though, as Alfric Dannett soon appeared, enquiring as to why there were murderers at his door. His daughter presented him with the letter from Jon Arryn, but it wasn’t enough to convince Alfric to make peace with House Tallystan. It took some serious persuasion on the part of Archibald to convince Lord Alfric, but eventually the two came to an agreement. House Tallystan would lend their talented workers to the repair of Dannett’s holdings and the tending of their land, in exchange for a cut of profits.

This raised another issue, however. House Dannett’s finances were in utter shambles, and Alfric frankly wasn’t certain he could afford to pay House Tallystan their due, even if he wanted to. The reparations payed to him by House Lugus would be a start, but not enough. Alfric needed to marry his daughter to someone affluent, but thanks to her history of fleeing betrothal and the fact that she was no longer a maiden, attracting a suitor would be impossible.

Spurred on by Archibald, Tygor Wyl stepped forward, offering to marry Iris, joining House Wyl and House Dannett. Alfric was sceptical of this arrangement. While he didn’t doubt the honour of House Wyl, honour cannot patch mortar or till fields. Thankfully, Archibald stepped in again, embellishing the benefits of a partnership with House Wyl significantly. Happily, Alfric accepted.

Finally, there was one more issue to resolve; the venue. Castle Helmcrest was in a horrible state of repair, hardly fit for a wedding. Confident in his success, Archibald suggested that the wedding be hosted at House Tallystan’s own home, Hammerstone. This was met with silent frustration from Fendrel, and the promise of more trouble down the line, as Lord Cedric would not be receptive to the idea of opening his gates to the public.

Alfric wasn’t quite willing to marry his daughter off to a man of poor character. He’d tried to make that mistake in the past, and it did not end well. In high spirits after the successful negotiation, Lord Alfric suggested that he, Fendrel and Tygor go on a hunt. What better way to get to know a man? With Roland leading the way as a tracker, the party headed out into the woods.

It wasn’t long before the party found a quarry. Or, more accurately, it found them. But instead of a boar or a deer, the hunting party were met with a marauding band of Stone Crows. Thanks to Roland’s keen senses, the ambush was foiled, allowing the hunting party to press their advantage and eliminate the hill tribesman without more than a few scratches and scrapes. Seeking out the corpse of their leader, Roland stabbed an arrow into each eye; a calling card to make his handiwork known to the tribesmen, should they find their dead clansman.

The implications of hill tribes marauding in the lowlands are surely significant; they rarely venture out of their mountain home, and House Dannett’s lands were beyond the border of the Vale of Arryn, crossing into Riverland territory. With this troubling omen on their minds, the party headed back to Helmcrest to dress their wounds and head for home.

An official report
Regarding the misdeeds of Orten Lugus


Peril at King's Landing - The Aftermath

Following the successful trial by combat, Orten Lugus is forced to take the black, facing beheading as his only alternative. Significant reparations are payed by House Lugus to House Tallystan, in an attempt to make up for the treachery.

Iris Dannett, too, seeks to make amends, evidently having been deceived as part of Orten’s elaborate scheme. Now left as the sole heir to the Dannett House, Iris promises to repair relations between the two houses. And, now free of her life of whoring and scheming, Iris appears to have taken quite a shine to Tygor Wyl.

Marita Lugus is, worryingly, nowhere to be seen. All signs point to her fleeing shortly before the trial by combat, evading the King’s justice.

Dangling Plot Threads

  • With the last male heir to House Dannett slain, and Iris Dannett looking to be utterly smitten with Tygor Wyl, a marriage in the future seems certain. This presents a significant opportunity for House Tallystan, House Dannett and House Wyl to be united in a tight alliance.
  • While Tygor’s family blade is reclaimed, his House’s holdings still lie in possession of usurpers, with Ser Gennady Shaneen still alive and well. Tygor very much wishes to regain his father’s holdings.
  • While Orten Lugus has sworn to take the black, his treachery evidently knows very few limits, and it’s likely he could still escape, giving him the opportunity to strike back against House Tallystan in future.
  • Marita Lugus has fled justice, and seems to have had a significant hand in Orten’s scheming. She likely now holds a grudge against House Tallystan, which could come back to bite them in future if she’s not dealt with.
Peril at King's Landing - Part 4
The Grand Melee

Day Six in King’s Landing

The Grand Melee is, as usual, a mess of clashing steel and broken bones. With Ser Tygor Wyl fighting at your family’s side, the group successfully cut their way through various foes, Thoros of Myr and The Mountain numbering amongst them. Meeting Gennady Shanin in the melee, Wyl defeats the man, reclaiming his blade but letting the treacherous knight live, unwilling to sink to his level. Shanin would later disappear from the festivities in the city, possibly returning to Dorne to lick his wounds.

At the end of the melee, House Tallystan is claimed victorious. In the aftermath of the fight, another man is found dying in disturbingly similar circumstances to Adham Dannett’s death. It turns out that he’s Langley Woods; a hedge knight betrothed to Marita Lugus, Orten’s sister. This doesn’t bode well for House Tallystan’s reputation.

The Ball

With the excitement of the tourney over, a ball is held in celebration, at the Royal Court. About an hour into the festivities, the house spies someone familiar; Lidda, the courtesan who had been attracting Tygor’s romantic attention, and Orten Lugus’ purse.

The young courtesan appears to be meeting with Orten, veiled face attempting to draw away suspicion. Tygor Wyl approaches her, attempting to broach conversation, but is quickly rebuffed, as Orten and Lidda retreat to somewhere more private to continue their hushed discussion.

The ball goes on, and soon formal announcements begin. It’s not long before they’re interrupted, however, as Lidda curiously takes the stage.

“My lords and ladies, pray forgive this interruption, but honors cannot be awarded this night when grave injustices remain unaddressed, for I believe our King Robert holds justice for his people as a greater concern than mere trophies.” She does not pause for confirmation, but her statement immediately places the king in the position of having to hear her complaint.

“As my…betrothed has already said, I am Iris Dannett. My brother was Adham Dannett, he who now travels home to lie forever beside our ancestors. My brother was struck down in the prime of his life, before it had truly begun, by duplicity and deception. Not by fair and honest combat, but by poison…and murder!”

A murmur ripples through the room at the accusation as Iris turns her full fury toward the two Tallystan men. “My brother leveled certain charges against House Tallystan, of attacking our lands and slaughtering our people. He sought to prove the truth of those charges with his own body and, fearing the truth of what he had to say, the perpetrators poisoned him, bringing about his defeat on the jousting field and his death. I say now, your majesty, that my brother was murdered by House Tallystan and I have come here tonight to demand justice for him!"

Placed in an uncomfortable position, King Robert is forced to organise an informal trial, calling the Goldcloaks in to secure the room and prevent anyone from fleeing. Iris Dannett proceeds to make her case.

Orten Lugus, despite earlier friendship to your family, lends credence to Iris Dannett’s case, providing supporting testimony to her claims. Things quickly turn sour as Orten attempts to implicate the family not only in the murder of Adham Dannett, but in that of Langley Woods, too. Woods’ betrothed, Marita Lugus, is reduced to tears.

Despite Archibald’s admirable efforts at arguing the case, eventually Fendrel intervenes, demanding a trial by combat to resolve matters. Squaring off against Naton Lugus in armed combat, the fight is very one sided, the already injured knight falling to Fendrel’s Valyrian blade with ease.

Peril at King's Landing - Part 3
The Tourney Begins

Day Three in King’s Landing, the day before the tourney

In the morning, Archibald finds a package awaiting him outside his inn room door. It turns out to be a small, dragonbone-hilted dagger. Hidden away inside the hilt is a vial, containing scant traces of the Tears of Lys, a rare and deadly poison. It appears that whoever is trying to frame the House is stepping things up a notch. Maester Darrow keeps hold of the dagger.

That evening, the feast preceding the tourney begins. The revelry is interrupted by a livid Adham Dannett, attempting to raise House Tallystan’s treachery in front of the king. Despite Archibald’s admirable efforts at mounting a defence, Dannett refuses to listen, throwing down the gauntlet and demanding an honour duel. Frustrated by the interruption to his feast, King Robert puts an end to the scuffle, announcing that the lists will be altered so that Fendrel and Adham will joust come morning.

Day Four in King’s Landing, the tourney begins

After the usual ceremony, the first round of jousting begins, with Fendrel and Adham meeting in the lists. The duel is remarkably short lived, with Adham’s sickly self toppling from his horse after one blow. Crumpling to the ground, the boy’s face rapidly takes on a tinge of purple, and he’s escorted off by his house’s Maester. His health is rapidly deteriorating, and rumours of foul play are abound, even despite King Robert’s honouring of the duel as just.

The tourney goes on with great success for House Tallystan, with Fendrel unhorsing Naton Lugus and Serr Gennady Shanin both. Roland decimates the competition in the archery, defeating even Anguy the Archer.

Day Five in King’s Landing

News spreads quickly the next morning; Adham Dannett passed overnight. Undeterred, Fendrel continues his jousting success, toppling Bryan Telson and Meryn Trant. In the final tilt, Fendrel is paired up against The Hound, and yet again moves to swift victory, becoming the champion of the tourney. This serves to make the locals forget about your supposed treachery, at least for a time.

Later in the night, amidst celebrations, you confront Bryan Telson. He’d earlier mentioned his search for a particular Valyrian blade, and the Dornishman Fendrel faced in the lists earlier had a blade matching the description. Upon this revelation, Bryan reveals to you his secret; his true name is Tygor Wyl, scion of a defeated Dornish house. The blade is his ancestral blade, and he seeks to enlist your help to reclaim it in the Grand Melee.

Another interesting revelation is had this night. Conversing with Orten Lugus, you discover that the only remaining heir to the Dannett holdings has been long absent; she fled upon her betrothal to a wealthy merchant, and hasn’t been seen since. The man is currently searching King’s Landing for her, and with Adham dead, stands to have his offspring inherit House Dannett if he reunites with his betrothed.

Peril at King's Landing - Part 2
Chasing the Fox

Day One in King’s Landing

Your title here…Entering the city near sunset, the group makes a beeline for a local inn, seeking shelter and drink. It’s here, amidst the excited revels of knights from all over the realm, that you meet Orten Lugus, becoming fast friends. Lugus is quick to take your side of the Tallystan vs Dannett feud, and offers some information on The Fox Knight.

Meanwhile, on the tourney grounds, Archibald and Maester Darrow attempt to lighten the atmosphere amongst the nobility by hosting a dinner party in their tent. The party is a moderate success, helping paint a more positive picture of House Tallystan.

As the night stretched on, Fendrel and Roland found themselves happily drunk in the company of Dornish hedge knights and courtesans. The night ended with the drunken ramblings of a Ser Joris Landseer, who claimed to have been hunting The Fox Knight for quite a while. With new information and a renewed resolve, the party agreed to ride out in the morning and track down The Fox Knight in search of new information.

Day Two in King’s Landing

The morning starts off rather curiously, with a young bastard approaching Fendrel and claiming to be the knight’s child. This would later prove to be only the first in a series of events orchestrated to chisel away at House Tallystan’s reputation. Slightly amused, Fendrel takes on the child, and the party set off into the Kingswood.

Ser Landseer’s incompetence is very quickly made evident; he leads you in circles in the wood, and by the end of the day, you’ve found nothing but frustration and a disgruntled boar. Returning to King’s Landing, Fendrel attempts to disown his new-found son, and the resulting bawling would have attracted the whole city’s attention if it weren’t for Archibald’s intervention.

Returning to the inn, Ser Landseer is in a hugely excited state, waving around a letter. Supposedly, the Fox Knight has sent him a personal challenge, and despite the day’s earlier frustrations, you agree to assist. The Dornishman from earlier, and Orten Lugus both agree to assist. Lugus believes his family’s leverage over the Fox Knight may be able to resolve things peacefully.

Things are not resolved peacefully. The meeting quickly turns into a battle, with Ser Landseer quickly slain. The Fox Knight is dispatched quickly enough, the final blow dealt by Orten Lugus’ blade. With his last breath, any secrets The Fox Knight held die with him, leaving the party just as clueless as before.

Peril at King's Landing - Part 1
Conspiracy on the Kingsroad


On The Kingsroad

Setting off towards King’s Landing to represent House Tallystan at the royal tourney, the party soon stumbled upon the site of a bloody massacre, a small band of warriors having been murdered while making camp. Their wounds clearly pointed to the deaths being the work of men.

Without any particularly prominent leads to follow up, the party leave the site of the murders, pressing on towards King’s Landing.

Finding themselves at an inn, the party quickly discover that they’ve been implicated in a massacre of their own; a bloodied shield bearing the Tallystan sigil was found on House Dannett lands, amongst slaughtered smallfolk. Evidently word has spread, as many on the Kingsroad are openly hostile to the party. Rumor has it that the heir to House Dannet, Adham, has been spreading news of your house’s treachery along the Kingsroad.

Further down the road, following a few brief altercations with other travelling parties, the group came across Hamish Flowers, a very loud, very drunk sellsword. Thanks to his inebriated state, Archibald quickly squeezes some important information out of him. Hamish was, evidently, part of the same group who you found massacred earlier on the road. Working under “The Fox Knight”, a deranged scion of a now-dead house, they are the ones who orchestrated the massacre on Dannett lands, complete with planting the shield.

Flowers was found dead the next morning, murdered. After a short while on the road, the party is beset by three horsebound bandits, and a well hidden archer. After a brief and bloody battle, the bandits are defeated, the rogue archer having fled. Resolving to put this behind them and press on, the party heads for King’s Landing, entering through the God’s Gate only days before the tourney begins proper.


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