A Song of Ice and Fire: Blood and Stone

New Discoveries

Alarming revelations regarding the mountain clans

Returning to Hammerstone, the party brough tnews of the roving mountain clans, and the newly planned wedding to young Lord Rowan. After settling back into Hammerstone and discussing everything with Rowan, Archibald made off to make a difficult proposition; convincing his older brother to host a House Dannett wedding in his own halls, halls which hadn’t opened to the public in any significant capacity for years. With some reluctance, Lord Cedric finally yielded, seeing that an alliance with House Dannett could help protect the future of his house.

Elsewhere, in the armoury, Brom Sadon revealed something concerning. After examining the weapons found on a mountain clan raiding party, he’d determined they were clearly well forged, military grade steel; far above what any mountain clan smith would be capable of. This alone wouldn’t be too alarming; weapons can be stolen, after all. But these weapons had no maker’s mark, indicating an intent to hide their point of origin. Archibald set out to investigate activity in the local forges, while Fendrel and Roland elected to tackle the problem with a more hands on approach, heading out to patrol the lands in search of more evidence.

It wasn’t long before the scouting party found more evidence of wildling attacks. The fort belonging to a recently landed knight, Ser Rivia, had been sacked by the mountain clans, all the guards slain and valuables looted. This was the first time the clansmen had hit a fortified location in decades, at least. Even more curiously, a crudely painted standard flew at the site of the attack, bearing the sigil of an unknown house.


Unshaken, Roland and Fendrel followed the trail of the bandits, eventually leading them to a small woodsman’s hut occupied by some remnants of the raiders. Easily cutting their way through the outside guides, they pressed their advance inside, meeting the leader of the group.


Her face painted to resemble corpseflesh, the woman charged, brandishing an impressive, Valyrian steel battleaxe. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Fendrel was met with a legitimate challenge, the woman’s martial prowess clearly a match for his own. But still, thanks to the help of Roland, she eventually succumbed, dropping her axe and yielding.

Ever the honourable pair, Fendrel and Roland refused to yield, and Roland advanced to deliver the killing blow. Shocked and appalled by the lack of honour from a supposed knight and his companion, the wildling drew her knife, driving it into Roland’s flesh before breaking to flee, leaving her weapon behind. Bloodied and beaten, she eventually made it to her horse, fleeing into the mountains.


Hoob Hoob

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