A Song of Ice and Fire: Blood and Stone

Peril at King's Landing - Part 1

Conspiracy on the Kingsroad


On The Kingsroad

Setting off towards King’s Landing to represent House Tallystan at the royal tourney, the party soon stumbled upon the site of a bloody massacre, a small band of warriors having been murdered while making camp. Their wounds clearly pointed to the deaths being the work of men.

Without any particularly prominent leads to follow up, the party leave the site of the murders, pressing on towards King’s Landing.

Finding themselves at an inn, the party quickly discover that they’ve been implicated in a massacre of their own; a bloodied shield bearing the Tallystan sigil was found on House Dannett lands, amongst slaughtered smallfolk. Evidently word has spread, as many on the Kingsroad are openly hostile to the party. Rumor has it that the heir to House Dannet, Adham, has been spreading news of your house’s treachery along the Kingsroad.

Further down the road, following a few brief altercations with other travelling parties, the group came across Hamish Flowers, a very loud, very drunk sellsword. Thanks to his inebriated state, Archibald quickly squeezes some important information out of him. Hamish was, evidently, part of the same group who you found massacred earlier on the road. Working under “The Fox Knight”, a deranged scion of a now-dead house, they are the ones who orchestrated the massacre on Dannett lands, complete with planting the shield.

Flowers was found dead the next morning, murdered. After a short while on the road, the party is beset by three horsebound bandits, and a well hidden archer. After a brief and bloody battle, the bandits are defeated, the rogue archer having fled. Resolving to put this behind them and press on, the party heads for King’s Landing, entering through the God’s Gate only days before the tourney begins proper.


Hoob Hoob

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