A Song of Ice and Fire: Blood and Stone

Peril at King's Landing - Part 2

Chasing the Fox

Day One in King’s Landing

Your title here…Entering the city near sunset, the group makes a beeline for a local inn, seeking shelter and drink. It’s here, amidst the excited revels of knights from all over the realm, that you meet Orten Lugus, becoming fast friends. Lugus is quick to take your side of the Tallystan vs Dannett feud, and offers some information on The Fox Knight.

Meanwhile, on the tourney grounds, Archibald and Maester Darrow attempt to lighten the atmosphere amongst the nobility by hosting a dinner party in their tent. The party is a moderate success, helping paint a more positive picture of House Tallystan.

As the night stretched on, Fendrel and Roland found themselves happily drunk in the company of Dornish hedge knights and courtesans. The night ended with the drunken ramblings of a Ser Joris Landseer, who claimed to have been hunting The Fox Knight for quite a while. With new information and a renewed resolve, the party agreed to ride out in the morning and track down The Fox Knight in search of new information.

Day Two in King’s Landing

The morning starts off rather curiously, with a young bastard approaching Fendrel and claiming to be the knight’s child. This would later prove to be only the first in a series of events orchestrated to chisel away at House Tallystan’s reputation. Slightly amused, Fendrel takes on the child, and the party set off into the Kingswood.

Ser Landseer’s incompetence is very quickly made evident; he leads you in circles in the wood, and by the end of the day, you’ve found nothing but frustration and a disgruntled boar. Returning to King’s Landing, Fendrel attempts to disown his new-found son, and the resulting bawling would have attracted the whole city’s attention if it weren’t for Archibald’s intervention.

Returning to the inn, Ser Landseer is in a hugely excited state, waving around a letter. Supposedly, the Fox Knight has sent him a personal challenge, and despite the day’s earlier frustrations, you agree to assist. The Dornishman from earlier, and Orten Lugus both agree to assist. Lugus believes his family’s leverage over the Fox Knight may be able to resolve things peacefully.

Things are not resolved peacefully. The meeting quickly turns into a battle, with Ser Landseer quickly slain. The Fox Knight is dispatched quickly enough, the final blow dealt by Orten Lugus’ blade. With his last breath, any secrets The Fox Knight held die with him, leaving the party just as clueless as before.


Hoob Hoob

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