A Song of Ice and Fire: Blood and Stone

Peril at King's Landing - Part 3

The Tourney Begins

Day Three in King’s Landing, the day before the tourney

In the morning, Archibald finds a package awaiting him outside his inn room door. It turns out to be a small, dragonbone-hilted dagger. Hidden away inside the hilt is a vial, containing scant traces of the Tears of Lys, a rare and deadly poison. It appears that whoever is trying to frame the House is stepping things up a notch. Maester Darrow keeps hold of the dagger.

That evening, the feast preceding the tourney begins. The revelry is interrupted by a livid Adham Dannett, attempting to raise House Tallystan’s treachery in front of the king. Despite Archibald’s admirable efforts at mounting a defence, Dannett refuses to listen, throwing down the gauntlet and demanding an honour duel. Frustrated by the interruption to his feast, King Robert puts an end to the scuffle, announcing that the lists will be altered so that Fendrel and Adham will joust come morning.

Day Four in King’s Landing, the tourney begins

After the usual ceremony, the first round of jousting begins, with Fendrel and Adham meeting in the lists. The duel is remarkably short lived, with Adham’s sickly self toppling from his horse after one blow. Crumpling to the ground, the boy’s face rapidly takes on a tinge of purple, and he’s escorted off by his house’s Maester. His health is rapidly deteriorating, and rumours of foul play are abound, even despite King Robert’s honouring of the duel as just.

The tourney goes on with great success for House Tallystan, with Fendrel unhorsing Naton Lugus and Serr Gennady Shanin both. Roland decimates the competition in the archery, defeating even Anguy the Archer.

Day Five in King’s Landing

News spreads quickly the next morning; Adham Dannett passed overnight. Undeterred, Fendrel continues his jousting success, toppling Bryan Telson and Meryn Trant. In the final tilt, Fendrel is paired up against The Hound, and yet again moves to swift victory, becoming the champion of the tourney. This serves to make the locals forget about your supposed treachery, at least for a time.

Later in the night, amidst celebrations, you confront Bryan Telson. He’d earlier mentioned his search for a particular Valyrian blade, and the Dornishman Fendrel faced in the lists earlier had a blade matching the description. Upon this revelation, Bryan reveals to you his secret; his true name is Tygor Wyl, scion of a defeated Dornish house. The blade is his ancestral blade, and he seeks to enlist your help to reclaim it in the Grand Melee.

Another interesting revelation is had this night. Conversing with Orten Lugus, you discover that the only remaining heir to the Dannett holdings has been long absent; she fled upon her betrothal to a wealthy merchant, and hasn’t been seen since. The man is currently searching King’s Landing for her, and with Adham dead, stands to have his offspring inherit House Dannett if he reunites with his betrothed.


Hoob Hoob

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