A Song of Ice and Fire: Blood and Stone

Peril at King's Landing - Part 4

The Grand Melee

Day Six in King’s Landing

The Grand Melee is, as usual, a mess of clashing steel and broken bones. With Ser Tygor Wyl fighting at your family’s side, the group successfully cut their way through various foes, Thoros of Myr and The Mountain numbering amongst them. Meeting Gennady Shanin in the melee, Wyl defeats the man, reclaiming his blade but letting the treacherous knight live, unwilling to sink to his level. Shanin would later disappear from the festivities in the city, possibly returning to Dorne to lick his wounds.

At the end of the melee, House Tallystan is claimed victorious. In the aftermath of the fight, another man is found dying in disturbingly similar circumstances to Adham Dannett’s death. It turns out that he’s Langley Woods; a hedge knight betrothed to Marita Lugus, Orten’s sister. This doesn’t bode well for House Tallystan’s reputation.

The Ball

With the excitement of the tourney over, a ball is held in celebration, at the Royal Court. About an hour into the festivities, the house spies someone familiar; Lidda, the courtesan who had been attracting Tygor’s romantic attention, and Orten Lugus’ purse.

The young courtesan appears to be meeting with Orten, veiled face attempting to draw away suspicion. Tygor Wyl approaches her, attempting to broach conversation, but is quickly rebuffed, as Orten and Lidda retreat to somewhere more private to continue their hushed discussion.

The ball goes on, and soon formal announcements begin. It’s not long before they’re interrupted, however, as Lidda curiously takes the stage.

“My lords and ladies, pray forgive this interruption, but honors cannot be awarded this night when grave injustices remain unaddressed, for I believe our King Robert holds justice for his people as a greater concern than mere trophies.” She does not pause for confirmation, but her statement immediately places the king in the position of having to hear her complaint.

“As my…betrothed has already said, I am Iris Dannett. My brother was Adham Dannett, he who now travels home to lie forever beside our ancestors. My brother was struck down in the prime of his life, before it had truly begun, by duplicity and deception. Not by fair and honest combat, but by poison…and murder!”

A murmur ripples through the room at the accusation as Iris turns her full fury toward the two Tallystan men. “My brother leveled certain charges against House Tallystan, of attacking our lands and slaughtering our people. He sought to prove the truth of those charges with his own body and, fearing the truth of what he had to say, the perpetrators poisoned him, bringing about his defeat on the jousting field and his death. I say now, your majesty, that my brother was murdered by House Tallystan and I have come here tonight to demand justice for him!"

Placed in an uncomfortable position, King Robert is forced to organise an informal trial, calling the Goldcloaks in to secure the room and prevent anyone from fleeing. Iris Dannett proceeds to make her case.

Orten Lugus, despite earlier friendship to your family, lends credence to Iris Dannett’s case, providing supporting testimony to her claims. Things quickly turn sour as Orten attempts to implicate the family not only in the murder of Adham Dannett, but in that of Langley Woods, too. Woods’ betrothed, Marita Lugus, is reduced to tears.

Despite Archibald’s admirable efforts at arguing the case, eventually Fendrel intervenes, demanding a trial by combat to resolve matters. Squaring off against Naton Lugus in armed combat, the fight is very one sided, the already injured knight falling to Fendrel’s Valyrian blade with ease.


Hoob Hoob

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