A Song of Ice and Fire: Blood and Stone

Peril at King's Landing - The Aftermath

Following the successful trial by combat, Orten Lugus is forced to take the black, facing beheading as his only alternative. Significant reparations are payed by House Lugus to House Tallystan, in an attempt to make up for the treachery.

Iris Dannett, too, seeks to make amends, evidently having been deceived as part of Orten’s elaborate scheme. Now left as the sole heir to the Dannett House, Iris promises to repair relations between the two houses. And, now free of her life of whoring and scheming, Iris appears to have taken quite a shine to Tygor Wyl.

Marita Lugus is, worryingly, nowhere to be seen. All signs point to her fleeing shortly before the trial by combat, evading the King’s justice.

Dangling Plot Threads

  • With the last male heir to House Dannett slain, and Iris Dannett looking to be utterly smitten with Tygor Wyl, a marriage in the future seems certain. This presents a significant opportunity for House Tallystan, House Dannett and House Wyl to be united in a tight alliance.
  • While Tygor’s family blade is reclaimed, his House’s holdings still lie in possession of usurpers, with Ser Gennady Shaneen still alive and well. Tygor very much wishes to regain his father’s holdings.
  • While Orten Lugus has sworn to take the black, his treachery evidently knows very few limits, and it’s likely he could still escape, giving him the opportunity to strike back against House Tallystan in future.
  • Marita Lugus has fled justice, and seems to have had a significant hand in Orten’s scheming. She likely now holds a grudge against House Tallystan, which could come back to bite them in future if she’s not dealt with.


Hoob Hoob

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