Brom Sadon

Forgemaster at Hammerstone


House Tallystan is famed for their military strength, but a military is nothing without arms and armour. To that end, the Lords of Hammerstone keep the greatest smiths in the Vale at their command. The Sadon family line pride themselves on their smithing talents, having gained the respect of House Tallystan when Tally Sadon first presented a blade to Lord Adlard Tallystan as a wedding gift two and a half centuries ago. Lord Adlard was so pleased with the artisan’s work that he immediately took the young man and his family into the protection of Castle Hammerstone, appointing him master of the forge.

Brom is the current master of the forge, trained by his father, who was trained by his father before him. The old smith (currently well into his fifties) takes great pride in his work, producing the finest castle-forged blades the Vale has ever seen. The man is also a fine warrior, assisting the master-at-arms with training the young lords of the house in the art of combat.

Brom Sadon

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