Lady Isobel Marsten

Lord of House Marsten by default


The lord of House Marsten by default, Lady Isobel has become known as a formidable woman throughout the Vale. Born into House Darry, a bannerhouse of the Tullys with a proud past of service to the Targaryens, Isobel was considered a good match and had a great many suitors. She was allowed an unusual amount of influence over her betrothal, however, something for which her father, Ser Willem, took a great deal of criticism. When her betrothal to Lord Corben Marsten was announced, however, it was agreed that an excellent match had been made. That it seemed to be a love match as well just fed the flames of gossip and drove rebellion by daughters against their fathers’ wishes to a degree not seen in years.

Unfortunately, Lord Corben and Lady Isobel lost their two oldest sons and heirs during Robert’s Rebellion. This seemed the beginning of a decline for the house, as ill-fortune has dogged its heels ever since, culminating in Lord Corben’s sudden death three years later from a plague that also claimed his remaining son, young Willem, who was only five years old. Lady Isobel, and her young daughter Corrine are all that were left behind.

Isobel is clever, loyal, and intelligent. She is faithful to her dead husband, rejecting all the suitors that have come in the years since his death. She is just to the people in her charge, charitable to those in need, and devoutly devoted to the Seven. She is also determined to see the Marsten name carried on somehow and to see Corrine, the last heir, safely provided for.

Lady Isobel Marsten

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