Iris Dannett

The only surviving heir to House Dannett


Alfric’s eldest child is his eighteen-year-old daughter, Iris, a comely young woman who quickly assumed the role of Lady of House Dannett after her mother’s untimely death. Always obedient to her father, Iris was appalled when he sold her in marriage to Ruben Piper, a fat old merchant, in exchange for part of House Dannett’s debt. Rather than submit to the marriage, she fled her home in the dead of night.

Iris quickly regretted her decision when outlaws captured her and sold her to a brothel in King’s Landing called the Jade Spring after they were finished with her. In her effort to escape a loveless marriage to an old man for money, Iris now nightly faced a “marriage bed” with men willing to pay for her services.

Thanks to the manipulations of Orten Lugus, Iris quickly became a willing participant in his scheme to frame House Tallystan, utterly convinced that it was they who were responsible for her brother’s death. Thankfully, the matter was resolved, and Iris was quick to direct apologies towards the house, promising to repair relations between Tallystan and Dannett once and for all. Hardly empty words, considering Iris now stands as the only remaining heir to the Dannett household, with her father unlikely to wed again.

 Iris Dannett

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