Lord Raymun Darry

The lord of House Darry


Only still alive thanks to a surprising show of mercy from Robert Baratheon, Raymun Darry is a bitter, resentful man, still lamenting the destruction of his once great house. Dedicated to rebuilding House Darry’s former glory, Raymun’s efforts have been slow-going, with most of his neighbours intensely distrusting of the house.

To this day, rumours swirl that the Darrys still remain loyal to House Targaryen, and Raymun does little to dispel these rumours, not willing to bother swatting down what he considers petty gossip.

While Raymun is generally known to consider all around him as foes in waiting, he holds House Tallystan in particular distaste. When the rebellion broke out, House Darry expected to be able to turn to Tallystan for help, instead being met with waves of advancing troops bearing the grey and crimson portcullis. Thankfully, House Darry lacks the influence or resources needed to grant Raymun the ability to vent his frustrations.

Lord Raymun Darry

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