Tag: Anointed Knight


  • Fendrel Tallystan

    It is sometimes said that the first son is shaped in the image of the father, and the second son lives in the shadows. Well, for the first ten years of his life, Fendrel's paranoid, decrepit father had been trying to drag him into the fearful shadows …

  • Tygor Wyl

    Tygor Wyl is the last surviving scion of a Dornish noble house. A capable, but humble knight, Tygor came to King's Landing to seek out the man who slew his father, seeking vengenace and his stolen family blade.

  • Lord Raymun Darry

    Only still alive thanks to a surprising show of mercy from Robert Baratheon, Raymun Darry is a bitter, resentful man, still lamenting the destruction of his once great house. Dedicated to rebuilding House Darry's former glory, Raymun's efforts have been …