Arabella Tallystan

Wife to Rowan. Formerly Arabella Baratheon.


Arabella Baratheon is a distant relative of Robert Baratheon, hailing from a small castle in the Stormlands. At age thirteen, before her life had truly begun, Arabella was spirited away to the Vale of Arryn, to marry Rowan Tallystan in a political gesture orchestrated by King Robert. Arabella was initially resentful of the arrangement, hating the idea of being used as a trophy to reward House Tallystan’s victories in the war. However, over the years Arabella warmed to her new house, taking great pleasure in tending to the needs of the smallfolk alongside her husband.

Now twenty eight, Arabella is an integral part of House Tallystan, using her position to help create a better life for the smallfolk that will one day be her subjects. Her father in law cautions her against leaving the walls of Hammerstone, but like everyone else, she chooses to disregard the advice as the ramblings of a paranoid old man.

Arabella Tallystan

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