Lord Cedric Tallystan

Current Lord of House Tallystan


At the venerable age of seventy, Lord Cedric, third of his name has lived through numerous conflicts in the Seven Kingdoms, from the War of the Ninepenny Kings to the Greyjoy Rebellion.

In his heyday, Lord Cedric was a powerful, respectable man. Taking to the throne of Hammerstone at age 21, Cedric styled himself after his late father, leading his troops into many conflicts in the name of the Targaryens. While Cedric certainly emulated his father’s approach to lordship, he could never quite match his father’s tactical wit, or his skill in combat. Raw bravado saw Cedric through many conflicts, but when King Aerys was kidnapped in the event that would come to be known as the Defiance of Duskendale, Cedric’s inadequacies caught up with him.

Cedric considered himself a personal friend of King Aerys, and when word of the capture came to him, he quickly assembled a small force of his most capable Hammerguard and rode for Duskendale, hoping to rescue the King in a quick, surgical strike overnight. This offensive was ill-planned and poorly executed, however, and Lord Cedric was lucky to escape with his life, although the House Darklyn knights did manage to steal the lord’s hand. Barristan Selmy would later succeed where Cedric had failed, but Cedric lost all the fighting spirit he had when he lost his hand, retreating into Hammerstone much like his friend Aerys retreated into the Red Keep.

In the modern day Lord Cedric is a paranoid, circumspect man, rarely leaving the walls of Hammerstone. The experience at Duskendale was enough to turn the man into a timid, death-fearing shadow of his former self, and the death of his wife during the birth of his second son only cemented his fear of death, preferring the safety of his castle walls.

Most other houses in Westeros consider Cedric an untrustworthy, traitorous man for how quickly he turned his back on his once friend Aerys. When Robert’s Rebellion began, many expected that House Tallystan would have to be overthrown due to their strong ties with the Targaryens, but Cedric was quick to answer Jon Arryn’s call and assemble his army without a moment’s hesitation.

Lord Cedric Tallystan

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