Lord Ambrose Kytley

The well-read lord of House Kytley


Ambrose Kytley held two beliefs sacred as a child; the figures in his books were more interesting than his family, and that he need never worry about the future of his house. As it would turn out, both were incorrect.

As a novice in the Citadel, his love of books and history served him well, and he earned the copper link at an alarmingly young age—the first in what many of his teachers expected to be a fine chain.

And then his father died fighting in Robert’s Rebellion.

Rumors of Jamys’s degeneracy filtered even as far as Oldtown. The new Lord of Hammerstone pulled his brother from the Citadel and installed him as the House’s Steward—better to turn his own attentions toward his unending search for pleasure. Ambrose, previously unconcerned by the actions of his family, could only stand and watch as his brother covered the Kytley name in layers of filth.

The new Lord Kytley embarked on a mission to restore the family’s name to the greatness it once held. He recognized the House’s degraded political position and acted quickly to shore up what remained of his family through politics—a means with which he became quite savvy. Marriages of expedience were arranged for his three eldest sisters, all to minor houses Ambrose felt to be on the rise within the Riverlands.

To gain much needed protection from the predation of the Houses around Kytley lands, Ambrose abandoned Kytley’s traditional fealty to Harrenhal and bent his knee to House Frey and took one of Lord Walder’s daughters as his wife. Flying the Towers of Frey from the rampart seemed a small price to ensure that the Anvil of Kytley would also fly.

Lord Ambrose Kytley

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