Lord Rowan Tallystan I

Former Lord of House Tallystan


If House Tallystan’s return to glory could be attributed to any one man, it is definitely Lord Rowan. Coming to govern his house at the young age of nineteen after Lord Jarin Tallystan’s untimely death, Rowan saw a need for change. He’d read the history books, he’d heard what the other nobles would say about his house at feasts; House Tallystan was on a steep decline, and there was no evidence of a recovery in sight. Rowan wanted a return to the glory days of the house that the local minstrels sung of, even if the songs were likely lies to begin with. He was tired of his house cowering in their fortified crypt.

When news of House Blackfyre’s rebellion came, Lord Rowan knew what he had to do. Leaving Hammerstone in the care of his most trusted servants, Rowan mobilised all of his troops, Hammerguard included, and marched for Daeron Targaryen. Some say that, were it not for House Tallystan’s intervention, the realm would currently be ruled by Blackfyres. This is likely an exaggeration, but regardless, the young Lord Rowan won his glory in the battle, and in turn, the respect of House Targaryen. This began a close relationship with the royal family that would only end when Rowan’s son, Cedric, turned on the Targaryens in support of Robert Baratheon.

Lord Rowan’s skill on the field of battle was spectacular to behold, and his charismatic command of his troops was similarly inspiring. Although not a knight, as he still held the belief of the Old Gods, Rowan certainly looked the part when he took to the field of battle in his castle forged plate, glimmering Valyrian steel blade held above his head. Even those who still consider House Tallystan a dishonourable, shameful house consider Rowan to be a prominent example of what a true leader should be.

Rowan went on to continue a prominent military career, only settling down to raise children at the age of 48, when Cedric was born. Rowan raised Cedric in his image as well as he could, and Cedric rapidly became a spitting image of his father, although he would later go on to prove his bravery was not quite as concrete as that of his father, nor his mind for tactics. Rowan died a few short years after the birth of Archibald Tallystan, at age 73, never having a chance to properly raise his second son.

Lord Rowan Tallystan I

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