Marita Lugus

Second daughter of Lord Konrad Lugus


Marita Lugus is Konrad’s second daughter. She married at the age of seventeen, but her husband, a minor Lydden, died of a fever a few months later. She did not produce an heir for him. Marita married again at age twenty-one, and her second husband, her first husband’s younger brother, vanished without a trace just weeks after the wedding. Her third prospective husband was poisoned in an attempt to frame House Tallystan. This recent death has lent even more significance to her popular moniker, “The Black Widow”.

Although not a beautiful woman, in part because of her intimidating height, Marita is vivacious and the life of any party she attends. She behaves according to the rules of polite society, as well as by the rules of the rowdy roadside tavern, and she can hold her drink against any man.

Following the outcome of Orten Lugus’ scheming, which she played a willing part in, Marita fled King’s Landing, leaving her brother to face the brunt of the King’s justice.


 Marita Lugus

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