Orten Lugus

Second son of Lord Konrad Lugus


Orten Lugus, a twenty-six-year-old lean and wolfish specimen of Lugus stock, is the second son of Konrad and the brightest copper to come out of the Lugus till in a good long while. Orten bears little resemblance to his oafish kin, displaying a cunning far more suited to a Lannister and a seductive serpentlike charm to match. Some of Orten’s rivals claim Tywin Lannister, deep in his cups, mistook Luisa for a nag one night during a stay at House Lugus and mounted her. Nine moons later, Orten was born.

Orten grew up in the shadow of his martial elder brother. Orten proved a mediocre warrior, but he took to education with a zeal most of his family could never muster. While his brother acted as squire to an uncle, Orten learned cunning at the knee of his father, Lord Konrad. His father’s favourite, Orten serves the elder Konrad well, so much so that Konrad called Orten “the Hand of House Lugus” when he was a boy. Orten has thus far managed small but impressive affairs for his father, resulting in gains for House Lugus.

Following his deceptive scheming at King’s Landing, Orten was given two choices; lose his head, or take the black. Feeling quite fond of his head, Orten chose to join The Watch, consigned to spend the rest of his days patrolling The Wall. The man will forever harbour a bitter resentment for House Tallystan.


 Orten Lugus

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