Rowan Tallystan II

Heir to House Tallystan, firstborn son of Lord Cedric


Soon to be celebrating his thirty-first nameday, Rowan is the firstborn son of Lord Cedric Tallytstan, destined to inherit Castle Hammerstone.

First in the line of succession for House Tallystan, Rowan has concerned himself primarily with learning how to properly rule, paying close attention to the needs of the local smallfolk. Despite showing promising potential when commanding the House military against the local Hill Tribes, Rowan prefers not to concern himself with warfare, hoping to avoid bloodshed once he takes to Hammerstone’s throne, having seen how combat has so thoroughly destroyed the man his father once was. Instead Rowan focuses on politics, attempting to build strong bonds with the other noble houses of The Vale that will last long after he’s entombed below Hammerstone.

Married to Arabella Tallystan at the age of sixteen, Rowan’s marriage has helped cement the bond between House Baratheon and House Tallystan, and has done much to improve the standing of the once destitute house.

Rowan Tallystan II

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