House Lugus


House Lugus

Sigil: A silver chalice studded with emeralds on a black field.
Words: Drink, Live, Last.
Current Lord: Konrad Lugus
Region: The Westerlands
Heir: Ser Naton Lugus
Overlord: House Lannister of Casterly Rock

Important Members

  •  Orten Lugus, estranged member of the house, forced to take the black after an elaborate scheme to steal House Tallystan’s holdings
  •  Marita Lugus, sister to Orten and collaborator in his schemes. Location unknown.


 House Lugus bears a seemingly endless supply of brothers, male cousins, sons, and more distant male relations. Although hardly enough to rival the brood of Walder Frey, House Lugus still boasts one of the largest families in Westeros. Unfortunately, an abundance of male heirs has one definite consequence for a minor house with a small fiefdom: the house does not have enough holdings to satisfy everyone. The Lugus family history is replete with murders, brawls, abductions, disappearances, banishments, and other acts too unsavory to mention. The song “A Hundred Feet of Red, Red Rope” infamously chronicles the demise of Old Targin Lugus, and it’s left unsung by any mummer or minstrel within a hundred leagues of House Lugus’s lands unless the performer desires a reenactment. House Lugus fought the Lannisters on the side of the Targaryens during Robert’s Rebellion and then turned cloak to the lions when the Kingslayer dipped his white sword in Mad King Aerys’s blood.

 Since the Rebellion’s end, House Lugus has counted its blessings and abated the kin-culling ways of its bloody past (for the most part). The men of House Lugus have behaved more civilly toward their own blood in recent years; their abject fear of their liege-lord’s wrath prevents them from resorting to their old ever-winding clockwork of machination and backstabbing.

 Since they cannot brawl with each other as openly as they did in the past, House Lugus men, never much for learning, now read just enough of history and polity to make them crafty and treacherous, though this restraint ill suits most of them. The Lugus men maintain a long tradition of skillful murder. As practical as an axe, a Lugus man is also about as subtle. Scions of House Lugus are not especially sadistic because that would require more patience and imagination than they can muster (whoever was responsible for Old Targin Lugus was an obvious exception). Indeed, the Luguses consider torture not so much immoral but a rather dull waste of time. Why spend a day tormenting one rival, when you could kill two or three in the same amount of time, and then have at their wine and women? The Lannisters have a saying: “If a man needs to die abed, or at fate’s whim, send a Faceless Man; if the circumstances of his death need not be disguised, a Lugus is far cheaper.”

Relationship to House Tallystan

 Thanks to the scheming of Konrad’s children, Marita and Orten, House Lugus has had to pay significant reparations to House Tallystan. However, it’s unlikely the house holds any significant ill-will towards House Tallystan; they’d likely much prefer to distance themselves from the entire sordid event. Especially now that Lord Konrad has to set his sights on securing a new heir.

House Lugus

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