Said to be built in the fabled times of the First Men, Castle Hammerstone is a large fortress situated near the edge of the Mountains of the Moon. Hammerstone is renowned as one of the greatest castles known to Westeros, and has never failed to repel a siege, a fact that makes would-be assailants think twice about assaulting Tallystan’s holdings.

Although the castle is small compared to many other great castles of Westeros, it still commands respect thanks to its impressive construction. Despite the numerous sieges the castle has weathered over the centuries, few repairs have had to be made, and, save for some interior improvements, Hammerstone looks near identical to how it would have looked in the Age of Heroes.

The castle’s architecture holds many mysteries, the construction unique amongst all castles of Westeros. Unfortunately, the secrets of the structure’s immaculate construction may stay a mystery, as the architects of the vast fortress were killed before their work could continue.

For House Tallystan’s subjects, being offered the opportunity to live within Hammerstone’s halls is the greatest of honours, bestowed only on trusted friends of the house.


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