House Kytley


House Kytley

Sigil: A steel anvil on a green and black chevronelly.
Words: Fire Hardens. The Hammer Shapes.
Seat: Castle Grenward
Current Lord: Ambrose Kytley
Region: The Riverlands
Heir: Robert Kytley
Overlord: House Frey of the Twins


 Raised to nobility to fill in the gap created when Harrenhall was burned to the ground, House Kytley were renowned for their craftsmanship. From its founding, House Kytley has tied its fortunes to the flow of bog iron and the careful tending of its smallfolk. The rich riverland soil proved fertile ground for a young house, and Kytley grew into a house of influence and power that remembered always to bend a knee to the Iron Throne, the Lords of Riverrun, and The Smith above all the seven.

 Remaining loyal to King Aerys during the rebellion, Lord Edric Kytley fell during the battle of the trident, and King Robert, merciful in victory, called House Kytley’s offense paid upon the death of Lord Edric and the house was preserved. This gave way to the reign of Jamys Kytley, infamously as the Sybarite. A degenerate, he allowed Smithton’s furnaces to grow cold and the land to go untended while squandering House Kytley’s fortunes on progressively more lavish parties. The excesses at his soirees fueled rumors of Jamys’s depravity — nothing and no one was off-limits.

 Six years of Jamys’s excesses weighed like a decade upon smallfolk and noble alike. Lavish expense left little money to repair defenses or pay soldiers, and the Kytley lands proved too tempting to resist when Balon proclaimed himself King of the Iron Islands. His reavers put Smithton to the torch, and destroyed farmhouse and smithy alike with little concern for an organized resistance from Grenward. Indeed, the Ironmen went so far as to assault the seat of Kytley with torch and ram, and reduced the once-great structure to the ruin it is today.

 When the call went out for swords to aid King Robert, Lord Jamys rallied his smallfolk. While historians will call this his sole act of nobility, it is likely that Jamys desired more the wealth of new experiences a war might bring than he did harbor a sense of responsibility. Jamys proved himself incapable of following even the most basic tactics, and notoriously held a wild revel the night before the assault on Lord Balon’s fortress. Whatever his motives for entering the conflict, Lord Jamys was slain by an ironman’s axe and thrown into the sea, ending his rule of Grenward.

 Despite a number of young bastards presented at Grenward, many of whom bore Jamys’s features, the Sybarite left no trueborn sons. The death of Jamys passed the rule of House Kytley to his younger brother Ambrose, the sixth of Edric’s children. Lord Ambrose excelled in books and learning, and had studied in the Citadel in preparation for donning the robe and collar. He was recalled from his studies to serve as Jamys’s Castellan before he could forge his chains, fortunately for House Kytley’s future. Upon accepting the rule of Kytley’s lands, Lord Ambrose took as his wife a daughter of House Frey, and pledged his loyalty as bannerman to that great house.

 The last nine years have seen a slow increase in House Kytley’s fortune; Smithton was rebuilt, smallfolk tend the land again, and Lord Ambrose has begun to repair the damage done by Jamys’s nightmarish reign.

Relation to House Tallystan

 Before the reign of the Sybarite, relations between House Tallystan and House Kytley were solid. Active trade kept Tallystan’s finest well armed, and Kytley’s population fed with fine grain. But hanks to the destructive, disrespectful behaviour of Jamys Kytley, trade arrangements utterly disintegrated.

 Cedric Tallystan’s willingness to deal with those so far from his borders was something he remained ever-wary about following his retreat into the depths of Hammerstone, and the destruction of the trade agreement is something he took deeply to heart. While Lord Ambrose has attempted to patch up relations, it’s a slow-going process, with Cedric Tallystan being incredibly slow to trust.

House Kytley

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