Mountain Clans


The Mountains of the Moon are home to a population of people who have rejected the authority of the Eyrie and are independent from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms and its feudal society. They believe that every person’s voice, regardless of gender, should be heard during councils. Descendants of the First Men, they are considered primitive by the Andals of the Vale.

Previously a disorganised, splintered group of various clans, the Mountain Clans have seemingly begun to unite under one banner. Equipped with fine steel from an unknown source, and joined into a powerful, several-thousand strong host, the Mountain Clans are beginning to represent a serious threat to The Vale.

Known Collaborators

So far, thanks to the scouting efforts of Fendrel and Roland, three clans are known to have joined their strength together;

  • The Howlers, led by The Ghost of House Donniger
  • The Moon Brothers, led by Ulf, son of Umar
  • The Black Ears, led by Chella, daughter of Cheyk

Mountain Clans

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